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Patch: December 15th, 2009

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Patch: December 15th, 2009

Post by Fal on Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:19 pm

There will be a new patch tomorrow, the Babel patch. Servers will be down from 0000 to 0600 Server Time (EST).
Patch notes below, can be viewed on the server selection screen. Tables omitted, again you can view them yourself.

Patch notes:

The new release for Heroes of Gaia: Babel Expansion

The new release for Heroes of Gaia is just around the corner, the expansion makes significant upgrades to various parts of the game, as well as introducing a number of new features. Items and Cards
will be provided to help you quickly level your characters to experience as much new expansion’s content
as possible.

Below you will find the preliminary patch notes for the expansion:

Conquer the Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel holds riches and monsters beyond imagining. Valiant Heroes can battle through each of the forty levels of the Tower, acquiring progressively more powerful rewards. But fight carefully, as losing a battle will forfeit all you have gained and expel you from the tower in disgrace!

* Defeat the Guardians of all 40 floors of the Tower, each more powerful then the last.
* Players are given the choice to continue to the next level with each victory, or to leave the Tower with your accumulated treasures.
* Guardian battles offer an opportunity to earn a large amount of experience.
* Lose a battle within the tower and you forfeit all of your accumulated spoils!
* The Tower can only be attempted once per day, per player. The use of a Cash Shop item will enable up to two additional attempts.

Special Rewards for Defeating Key Tower of Babel Guardians

* 10th Floor Guardian: 7 star item with 2 to 4 special properties.
* 20th Floor Guardian: 8 star item with 2 to 4 special properties.
* 30th Floor Guardian: 10 star item with 2 to 3 random POWERFUL special properties.
* 40th Floor Guardian: 10 star item with 2 to 5 random POWERFUL special properties.

Boss Monster Battles

Three times a day 20 minions will appear on your world map, but attack them at your peril as they protect a powerful boss monster. Gather your courage to defeat the minions and their boss will appear with a powerful magic item. Do you have what it takes to prevail?

* Minions and Boss Monsters are unique to your account. This means that the enemies you see are only visible by you, and that there will never be a scarcity of spawns to attack.
* The experience reward for killing minions is twice that of a level 8 NPC.
* You must defeat 20 minions before the Boss Monster will spawn.
* The experience reward for killing Boss is four times that of a level 8 NPC, and will yield a powerful level 60-70 item with at least 3 properties.

Miscellaneous User Requested Changes

* 80% reduction in the time it takes to heal fallen units in the Infirmary.
* Repeatable daily quests have been added. You may complete up to 20 of these tasks per day, or purchase a Cash Shop card which will allow you to complete up to 100 tasks for a major EXP increases!
* New Main Tasks have been added.
* Capital battles have been changed from daily to semi-weekly.
* The maximum number of Heroes active on the World Map has been increased from 3 to 5.

Arena Combat

The Arena has received a face lift, enabling combatants to fight on the field of battle for military titles, access to special hero items, and increased troop capacity!

(( Table of Arena Levels ))

Arena Rules

* Heroes must meet the minimum forces and level requirement for whichever arena level they are applying for access, as shown in the Arena Levels table.
* Once per day, each player may utilize a Goddess’ Blessing to resurrect units lost in the Arena.

Goddess' Blessing – Enables players to instantly resurrect 100% of the units lost in the Arena.

* The player must wait 45 minutes between each Arena battle。
* If the Battle is of epic proportions, it will automatically be listed on the “Real Battle” page, where you can watch a recorded broadcast of the fight in its entirety.
* After battle, the player will gain honor points, which will raise their military rank.

Military Ranks
You gain military ranks according to the Honor Points you have earned in the Arena. As your hero’s rank increases, they will unlock increased troop capacity and access to equip special magical item sets!!

Military Equipment:
Special Magical Items are available for purchase in the Honor Points shop. For the adventurous, some of these items were rumored to be found within the Tower of Babel!

(( Table of Arena Ranks ))

(( Table of Arena Equipment ))

Changes to Scrolls

* All scrolls purchased after the Tower of Babel update will base their damage or effect on the Heroes INT and magical equipment.

New Additions to Magic Scrolls

Twelve new scrolls have been added to the game, in order to better combat the dangerous evils let loose in the Babel Expansion.

* Scrolls are broken up into five classes (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Summoning).
* Scrolls can be purchased in the Bazaar and Cash Shop.


* Frost Arrow: (Water) Deals 1000 base damage to targeted enemy.
* Flash Freeze: (Water) Deals 400 base damage to all enemies.
* Avalanche: (Water) Deals 4500 base damage to all enemies.
* Tsunami: (Water) Deals 7500 base damage to all enemies.


* Fireball: (Fire) Deals 1000 base damage to targeted enemy.
* Inferno: (Fire) Deals 400 base damage to all enemies.
* Magma: (Water) Deals 4500 base damage to all enemies.
* Meteor Shower: (Water) Deals 7500 base damage to all enemies.


* Ground Collapse: (Earth) Deals 1000 base damage to targeted enemy.
* Quicksand: (Earth) Deals 400 base damage to all enemies.
* Sand Storm: (Earth) Deals 4500 base damage to all enemies.
* Earthquake: (Earth) Deals 7500 base damage to all enemies.


* Strong Wind: (Wind) Deals 1000 base damage to targeted enemy.
* Thunder Storm: (Wind) Deals 400 base damage to all enemies.
* Hurricane: (Wind) Deals 4500 base damage to all enemies.
* Tornado: (Wind) Deals 7500 base damage to all enemies.


* Summon Water Elemental: Summon a water elemental for the duration of the battle.
* Summon Fire Elemental: Summon a fire elemental for the duration of the battle.
* Summon Earth Elemental: Summon a earth elemental for the duration of the battle.
* Summon Wind Elemental: Summon a wind elemental for the duration of the battle.

Military Embargo

Babel will now enable players to create an offensive embargo around another player’s castle, forcing them to hide behind their battlements or fight!

Military Embargo Rules

* The Attacker must not be using a Diplomacy Card. The Defender can be under the influence of a Diplomacy Card, or not. As per normal attack rules, the difference in Fame between an attacker and defender can not be more than 5 times.
* An initial investment of 50 AP is required to execute an Embargo, with an upkeep of 10 AP per hour for each hero sent. Each castle may only send 1 hero to participate in an Embargo, but there is no upper limit on how many participants can be targeting the same castle.
* An Embargo is ended only when all of the attacking heroes are defeated (or are withdrawn).
* The embargoing heroes are subject to the normal world map attack rules.
* While a castle is under an Embargo, the Defender MUST fight the attacking armies if he wishes to send a hero onto the world map. This is true for the Defender AND Defensive Allies/Heroes, even if under the influence of a Diplomacy Card.
* After being embargoed, the defender may choose to fight the armies himself, request help from allies, use an Escape Card (Cash Shop) to allow a hero to avoid the embargo for 60 minutes, or use a Castle Teleportation Card (Cash Shop) to end the embargo prematurely.

New Buildings and Hero Spells

New Buildings are available for each Race, though you will have to discover their benefits for yourself!

* Tree of Life (Elf)
* Holy Shrine (Human)
* Hades’ Hall (Undead)
* War Song Shrine (Orc)

The Babel expansion also adds two unique new spells to each race, which can be developed inside the new buildings listed above. Each spell gives bonuses based on the specialty of the race, and is only applicable to that race.

Elf Spells:

* Arrow of Nature: When used by a Elven Hero, increases all Elven Ranged Unit’s ATK
* Wind Walker: When used by a Elven Hero, increases all Elven Unit’s SPD in battle

Human Spells:

* Light Protection: When used by a Human Hero, increases all Human Unit’s DEF
* Flash of Light: When used by a Human Hero, increases all Human Unit’s ATK

Undead Spells:

* Eternal Slavery: When used by an Undead Hero, increases the HP of all Undead Units
* Dark Energy: When used by an Undead Hero, allows the instant recovery of Undead Wounded Units after every battle

Orc Spells:

* Berserker Charge: When used by an Orcish Hero, increases Orcish Melee Unit’s ATK
* Brutal March: Increases an Orcish Hero’s movement speed on the world map

World Buildings

Strange buildings have been found across the world, enabling brave heroes who master them to temporarily gain increased powers and riches.

(( Table of World Buildings ))

Rules for Capture and Control of the World Buildings:

* Players must defeat the guardians of the World Building to capture it.
* Leaving the World Building, for any reason, will reset the guardians.
* The Hero must stay in the World Building to gain its bonus.
* Your Hero may only hold the World Building for a maximum of 12 hours, after which the Hero will automatically return to his castle.
* If your Hero runs out of carrying capacity (load), then they will return to their castle with their spoils, abandoning the World Building.
* If the World Building is attacked and your hero is defeated, then they will teleport back to your castle. Defeated defending units can be found in your Castle’s Arena – Infirmary.
* Possessing a World Building counts as an active hero on the world map.


Portals have been placed throughout the world map, enabling speedy transport across large distances.

o Heroes may be sent from one Portal to another Portal.
o Heroes may be sent from one Portal to specific coordinates on the World Map.
o When activating a Portal, there is a 10 minute delay before the Hero is teleported.


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Re: Patch: December 15th, 2009

Post by abc2 on Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:48 am

Awsome game update ^^
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